State and Local Candidates, Liquor Options and Issues 

Mahoning County Board of Elections
Filings for the Primary Election
                                 to be held on May 2, 2023

Judge of the Youngstown Municipal Court
Carla J. Baldwin (Dem)

Youngstown Clerk of Courts
Richard Vincent Hill (Dem)
1020 Genesee Dr.
Youngstown 44511

Youngstown 1st Ward Council
Julius T. Oliver (Dem)
389 E. Woodland Ave.
Youngstown 44502

Tracy Randall (Rep)
507 Alexander St.
Youngstown 44502

Youngstown 2nd Ward Council
Jimmy Hughes (Dem)
3239 Oak St. Ext.
Youngstown 44505

Ra'Cole Taltoan (Dem)
1513 Hickory Ct.
Youngstown 44505

Youngstown 3rd Ward Council
Samantha Turner (Dem)
465 Fairgreen Ave.
Youngstown 44504

Youngstown 4th Ward Council
Mike Ray (Dem)
377 Division St.
Youngstown 44509

Youngstown 5th Ward Council
Patrick Kelly (Dem)
3264 Cricket Dr.
Youngstown 44511

Carie Watson (Dem)
3368 Estates Cir.
Youngstown 44511

Youngstown 6th Ward Council
Anita Davis (Dem)
469 Mistletoe Ave.
Youngstown 44511

Janet Tarpley (Dem)
34 Elva Ave.
Youngstown 44509

Youngstown 7th Ward Council
Basia Adamczak (Dem)
739 E. Florida Ave.
Youngstown 44502

Josie Lyon (Rep)
875 Detroit Ave.
Youngstown 44502

Campbell Municipal Court
Brian J. Macala (Dem)
63 16th St.
Campbell 44405

Struthers Mayor
Catherine Cercone Miller (Dem)
610 Brandon St.
Struthers 44471

Struthers Auditor
Christina S. Bohl (Dem)
320 W. Hopewell Dr.
Struthers 44471

Judge of the Struthers Municipal Court
Jennifer Ciccone (Rep)
8535 Four Seasons Trl
Poland 44514

Dominic R. Leone, III (Dem)
621 W. Harvey St.
Struthers 44471

James A. Melone (Dem)
6630 Sturbridge Pl.
Poland 44514

Struthers Law Director
John N. Zomoida, Jr. (Dem)
587 Idora Lane
Struthers 44471

Struthers President of Council
Michael Patrick (Dem)
527 Poland Ave.
Struthers 44471

Struthers Council at Large, 3 to Elect
James Baluck (Dem)
120 Overlook Blvd.
Struthers 44471

Dallas Bigley (Dem)
156 Hopewell Dr.
Struthers 44471

Megan Pingley (Dem)
604 Maplewood Ave.
Struthers 44471

Struthers 1st Ward
Lori A. Greenwood (Dem)
236 Creed St.
Struthers 44471

Struthers 2nd Ward
Ron Carcelli (Dem)
458 Elm St.
Struthers 44471

Struthers 3rd Ward
Robert Burnside (Dem)
61 Schenley Ave.
Struthers 44471

Struthers 4th Ward
Rick Bayus (Dem)
449 Como St.
Struthers 44471

Poland Village Council
J. Michael Thompson (Dem)
214 S. Main St.
Poland 44514

Columbiana Council at Large
Richard L. Liston, Jr. (Dem)
710 Radcliffe Pass
Columbiana 44408

Questions and Issues

Beaver Township renewal fire dept. 1 mill for 5 years

Beaver Township renewal fire dept. 1.5 mill for 5 years

Village of Beloit add. Fire dept. 6 mills for CPT

Youngstown Schools renewal emergency requirements 9.51 mills for 4 years

Liquor Options

Springfield 3 Columbiana Maze Craze 14070 Woodworth Rd. New Springfield 44443 Sunday

Boardman 13 Morning Chef 320 Boardman Poland Rd. Suite A Boardman 44512 Weekly & Sunday

Austintown 9 Cracker Barrel #185 5600 Patriot Blvd. Austintown 44515 Sunday

Jackson 1 Ohio Springs 1301 N. Bailey Rd. North Jackson weekly and Sunday