Poll Workers

Our Commitment

The Board members and staff of the Mahoning County Board of Elections are committed to conducting elections that are free and fair, to providing every eligible voter with ample opportunity to cast their ballot, and to ensuring that all ballots cast are counted.

Thousands of Workers Needed

In order to accomplish those goals the Board must hire and train thousands of Precinct Election Officials (PEOs). By safeguarding the integrity of our electoral system, these hard-working, extremely dedicated individuals enhance our democracy and strengthen our community and our nation. We are especially in need or workers in the southern part of our county, specifically Beloit, Smith Township, Sebring, Green, Goshen and New Springfield. 


To apply for a position as a Precinct Election Official please complete and submit the online PEO application or download the printable version (PDF) to submit in person.

More Information

For more information contact:

To learn even more about becoming a PEO, visit the "Be a PEO in Ohio" page on the Secretary of State’s website.

Poll Worker Training

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